Honglian Lake Tourist Resort, established in 1994, is the first provincial tourist resort approved by the government. Located in Miaoling Town, Huarong District, Ezhou City, it is strategically positioned 20 kilometers west of Wuhan City and 23 kilometers east of Ezhou City. Situated near major economic zones like Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone and Gedian Economic and Technological Development Zone, the resort holds a central role in the "Golden Triangle" of the Hubei Yangtze River Economic Belt.

With a planned area of 49.67 square kilometers, centered around the scenic Honglian Lake, the resort features picturesque landscapes, fresh air, and a serene environment. It has attracted over 30 consortiums and developed into a renowned resort, a sports industry base, and a new city integrating sports, business exhibitions, leisure tourism, high-end residences, and technology research and development.

The Honglian Lake area has seen the establishment of the Optics Valley East Digital Economic Industrial Park, attracting high-quality enterprises in the digital economy industry. The ongoing Future Three Road project, scheduled to open in 2022, connects Wuhan Future City and Ezhou Honglian Lake, fostering strategic emerging industries with over 400 billion yuan in investment.

Honglian Lake Tourism Resort aims to become an ecological and livable cultural and tourism area, emphasizing "high-quality low-carbon industrial areas and high-quality low-carbon living areas." It focuses on transportation and industrial integration with the East Lake High-tech Zone, developing strategic emerging industries, and creating a high-tech industry cluster and exhibition area. The resort also features an 18-hole golf course, water training and competition bases, and high-end villas.

The Honglian Lake Golf Club, part of the resort, offers various amenities such as over 150 guest rooms, high-end villas, dining facilities, conference rooms, golf, water entertainment, and more. The club is conveniently located near major highways and Wuhan city.

A legend surrounding the origin of red lotus flowers in Honglian Lake tells a charming tale of a golden boy and beautiful girl from heaven who fell in love by the lake. The legend contributes to the unique and romantic atmosphere of the resort.

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