Ezhou Huahu Cargo Airport (IATA: EHU, ICAO: ZHEC) is a strategically located international airport situated at the junction of Yanji Town, Shawo Township, and Yangye Town in Yicheng District, Ezhou City, Hubei Province, China. It holds the designation of a 4E international airport, signifying its capability to accommodate large aircraft. Furthermore, it is recognized as an aviation logistics international port, solidifying its position as a crucial transportation hub.

Ezhou, formerly known as Wu Du and Gu Wuchang, is historically significant and holds a prominent place in Hubei Province, bordering Wuhan to the west and connecting with Huangshi City in the southeast. The completion and operation of Huahu Airport have garnered global attention, positioning it as a key player in international cargo transportation.

In 2023, Ezhou Huahu Airport achieved a significant milestone by opening 10 international freight routes, enhancing rapid transportation connections to the Wuhan metropolitan area. This move aimed to accelerate the development of Huahu Airport Port, Hubei International Trade Digital Platform, and facilitate in-depth integration with the industrial development of Hubei.

A noteworthy achievement occurred on November 23, 2023, when BYD's first large-scale power lithium battery packs were successfully transported via air from Huahu Airport to Frankfurt Airport in Germany. The transportation involved a meticulous process, including safety testing, packaging safety testing, emergency drills, and obtaining special approval letters (A99) from the National Civil Aviation Management Department.

The lithium battery packs, weighing approximately 300kg, required specific safety measures, including heating the batteries in full power state to verify their safety under extreme conditions. The development of an aviation explosion-proof box by the Ferdie battery expert team played a crucial role in ensuring the absolute safety of the cargo transportation process and obtaining A99 special approval letters.

Huahu Airport marked its first year of operation with an impressive international cargo record, handling 1022 in-and-out international freight flights and facilitating the transportation of 4.7 million tons of import and export shipments. These goods ranged from equipment and raw materials to electronic products and consumer goods, showcasing the diverse range of cargo handled by the airport.

On January 13, 2024, Huahu Airport further expanded its international reach by inaugurating a new freight route to Lerrier, the second-largest city in Pakistan. A B767-300 full cargo plane, loaded with 41 tons of goods, marked the opening of this route, strengthening Ezhou's international connectivity and trade relationships.

The strategic significance of Huahu Airport extends beyond its role as a transportation hub. It serves as a fulcrum for China's new development pattern, presenting a historic opportunity for Hubei and Ezhou. The recently approved Hubei Free Trade Zone Ezhou Lien and Innovation Development Zone, encompassing Huahu Airport, Linkong Economic Zone, and Wuhan New City Gejidian District, aims to focus on logistics express business, optoelectronics, large health, and e-commerce logistics industries.

Ezhou Huahu Cargo Airport, positioned as a core hub of Hubei International Logistics, is expected to play a pivotal role in the platformization, industrialization, and internationalization of the region. By empowering high-quality development and serving the new development pattern, Huahu Airport is set to become a significant public platform, reshaping urban transportation, industry, and space in Ezhou and contributing to the overall growth and progress of the region.

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